Thursday, September 6, 2007

Simon Spies Fonden


Fonden støtter almennyttige formål eller almenvelgørende formål samt almen fremme af erhvervslivet. Desuden støttes personer, virksomheder eller institutioner, som bestyrelsen finder, har ydet eller som må påregnes at ville yde en særlig indsats indenfor videnskab, kunst, kultur, sport, erhvervsliv eller på anden måde. Privatpersoner, mindre foreninger, sammenslutninger o.lign. kan ikke opnå støtte.

Ansøgningsfrist: 1.marts og 1.december

Ansøgningsskema: Nej

Beløb til uddeling pr. år: 5.000.000 kr.

Bevillingsstørrelse: Ikke oplyst

Annette Weinold
Simon Spies Fonden
Sankt Gertruds Stræde 10
1129 København K
Tlf.: 70 27 10 80

Fax: 33 93 69 68

Kontaktperson: Ikke oplyst

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Anonymous said...

Ansøgning om støtte til projekt.

Jeg vil hermed gerne ansøge om økonomisk støtte til mit projekt, som jeg har kaldt ”Musik og fred”. Projektet er nærmere omtalt nederst.

Det er tanken, at projektet også skal involvere danske kunstnere, og at det skal udmunde sig i en eller anden form for optræden i de lande, der på forskellig vis deltager.

Med venlig hilsen
Raad Olsen


My name is Raad Olsen (artist name: Raad al Arabi), I was born in Basra, Iraq in 1957.
My father’s jewish business partner was falsely accused of spying and hanged by S. Hussein’s men in the townsquare along with other jews. I was 14 and will never forget this injustice.
At the age of 18, I went to England and then to Denmark to study psychology. I was exposed to all kinds of religions, ideas and ways of thinking.
Later, I got married to a german, christian woman with jewish roots enjoying the fact that our son represents three of the world’s greatest religions.
I’ve been a professional singer for many years now, presenting traditional Iraquian and Arabic music.
I think all the conflicts in the middle-east evolved from the religious problems of Palestine and Israel.
The only way to stop this fighting is by starting to put more emphasis on our mutual roots, rather than hating each other for being different.
The religious meetings in Qatar and Geneva, to which King Abdullah invited the representatives of the said three religions in October 2009, have encouraged me to do this project because in my opinion, the best way to discover feelings of friendship and unity is through music.
My idea is to collect two singers, one writer, one composer and about four musicians from each of those religions and create songs which express the feelings of loss and fear and more importantly hope and love.
We could record the songs in Egypt where the production costs are lowest.
Then, we make a video of our efforts and put in on the internet (e.g. YouTube) and other available media followed by a tour through Europe, America and the Middle-East.
I’ll have to travel to all those places, seeking famous artists willing to participate in this project for the lowest budjet possible.
The German lawyer Josef Teichmueller ( volunteered to be our legal consultant.
Please help us in trying to achieve peace by supporting this project as much as possible! Let us fight fanatism and killing in the name of God through music.

Raad Olsen
+4531885695 (Danmark)
+4915775497645 (Tyskland)